Why High Line Health?

A single version of the Truth: 

The power and value of healthcare analytics has increased steadily as more robust data sources have become available.  The varying quality, consistency and completeness of this data have created a stumbling block for many organizations. Our proprietary data cleansing and alignment solution maps all data into a single, uniform architecture. Every user throughout the enterprise will reference the same underlying data

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Health Care Experts: 

Our system design is driven by the needs of clinician’s and analysts. We know how to structure value based arrangements, where to focus resources and what to avoid. This approach has differentiated our product design and has enabled us to deliver an analytic solution specifically tailored to your needs. 

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Safe and Secure

Our cloud based service arrangements provide clients with a secure analytic environment. Role based security protocols also insure that internal access is controlled at the individual user level. We are fully HIPPA compliant and meet the highest security standards

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The overarching goal is to empower our customer. In cases where clients require external subject matter expertise, we are there to support. In other cases, where this expertise resides in-house, we empower users through our “train the trainer” and analytic “boot camp” programs.

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The bedrock of our system design architecture is scalability. Whether it is one ACO with five payers, or one payer with 20 ACO’s our system elegantly toggles between enterprise level and entity specific views.